Hi all.

Don't blame me for posting into the wrong forum, but it's my first question here and because I only experiencing this when using Hardy on my Laptop (Samsung R20) I guessed it may be right in the hardware-section.

Since Hardy I face the problem that the shell stops working properly when starting applications by shell-command, especially when using javac (openjdk), Xemacs or games.
It appears that any other following command only works if i stay pressing any button on keypad or moving mouse, in general: Sending signals (I'm not new to Ubuntu, but at this point I lack knowledge to describe it a better way).
Examples are tab-completion or even Rythmbox (next song starts when mouse is moved), etc.

I really don't know how to start searching for the error, so I'd be pleased if someone has the time to help me working on this. Please tell me to post whatever you may need for this.

Thanks in advance,