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Hey again, I just wanted to know what a 'repo' was, for the add/remove command for getting firestarter on my computer? How do I get there...

Would I have to mess with Window's firewall or anything with my Avast anti-virus protection, or would all of that not matter?


Sorry it took a little while to get back to you, I am in the process of moving South, and the big day is this weekend!

Anyways to answer your question (by the way, ask it in the forum so others can benefit, too) a repo is a slang word for repository. It is the server that Ubuntu can access for new software, updates, and some piece of mind. (It's secure, and all of the software in it is screened by the Ubuntu staff to keep mal-ware out.)

Almost all of the software you will need is in the Ubuntu repo, and you can access it anytime you're online. Just open the menu where all of you're programs are (it's the first on in the upper right hand corner) and at the bottom, by default, is a program called Add/Remove. There is a seach bar in it so you can do a search for firestarter. (Be aware that I have no idea how to do what was mentioned in the thread)

If you're Ubuntu is installed on Windows with Wubi, I do not think so, but try it once to see, I could be wrong.


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