(sorry if this is in the wrong place)


I have running on by system a 2.6.17 kernel with openMosix 2.6 patches applied. It works great (as soon as I figured sda changes to hda) but now I want to use it in my LTSP5 system.

Im running fresh LTSP server install straight from the Xubuntu Hardy alternate cd, with my 2.6.17 kernel. I copied the vmlinuz and initrd images from my /boot to /opt/ltsp/i386/boot and did ltsp-update-kernels and ltsp-update-image.

But now on booting my clients I get a screen with this on:

Begin: Mounting root file system ... ...
Begin: Running /scripts/local-top ...
Begin: Waiting for root file system... ...
IBM TrackPoint firmware: 0x0e, buttons 3/3
input: TPPS/2 IBM TrackPoint as /class/input/input2
ALERT! does not exist. Dropping to a shell!

BusyBox v1.1.3 etc etc
I though this maybe to do with Ubuntu LTSP using NBD. Is there any kernel configurations I need for this? Or is it a problem with my initrd?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks