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Thread: Weird NFS and Firefox 3 interaction bug

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    Question Weird NFS and Firefox 3 interaction bug

    I'm having a weird problem with an interaction between Firefox 3 and NFS.
    I've just upgraded from Ubuntu 6 LTS to 8 LTS on my intel desktop box.

    I have a Sun Ultra 10 that's running Solaris 9 that I use as a general purpose server, including NFS. My home directory is on this machine, and is accessed via an auto.home entry - resulting in my home directory on beast: being automounted every time I logged into linux.

    I noticed some weirdness when I was using 6.04. I couldn't use administrative applications for example, but when I used the dedicated admin account I set up with a local home dir, they worked fine.

    Now I've upgraded to 8 LTS the firefox 3 browser basically doesn't work. The back and forward buttons are permanently greyed out, regardless of where you've been. Entering a URL into the address bar has no effect, and the bookmarks failed to come over too. Completely unusable.

    Then I noticed that Firefox worked fine from the admin account. The only difference is NFS mounted homedirectory (my account) vs locally mounted home directory.

    Just for laughs I tried installing Firefox-2. This works fine - as it always did. Therefore it's something to do with the combination of Firefox 3 and an NFS mounted filesystem. (and probably the fact that I'm using a Solaris server)

    The NFS side of things appears to be mostly working correctly. Most applications seem to be able to load & save files just fine. File ownerships & permissions are set correctly. I've got the passwd and group files on the server sync'ed with the local ones in terms of usercodes and uids matching.

    Any hints/clues/guides/things to try would be gratefully accepted!

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    Re: Weird NFS and Firefox 3 interaction bug

    I figured this one out. Turned out to have nothing to do with Ubuntu at all. It was the misbehaving Solaris NFS server. Turns out that the Ubuntu desktop was expecting a rpc.lockd to be present on the NFS server. For some reason it doesn't get installed along with the rest of the Solaris NFS server software.

    Go figure!

    I resolved the problem by giving up on the Sun as a NFS server, bought a new hard drive, and copied everything over. All is now working perfectly.


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