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Thread: Is it " sda " or " hda"

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    Is it " sda " or " hda"

    I was using a sata HD but now have added an ata HD. I reinstalled Ubuntu on the ata HD and intend to use the sata HD for backup.

    In trying to learn how to mount the sata to my system I used gparted to see what the hard drives are recognized as. I see that I have 3 drives listed. They are...

    /dev/scd0 (unallocated, size 512 bytes, 0 used).
    /dev/sda (my backup drive, 233 gig).
    /dev/sdb (ubuntu, /dev/sdb).

    What is the scd0?
    Why does the Ubuntu drive show up as /sdb? Isn't sd(x) a sata designation? Shouldn't an ata device show up as /dev/hd(x)?

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    Re: Is it " sda " or " hda"

    /dev/scd0 is the optical drive. I don't know why GParted lists it, but ignore it.

    as for the /dev/sdX thing, that's just the designation for SCSI and SATA (also USB drives, for some reason...). I would say you should know which disk is which by the sizes...


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