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Thread: dell 1395 802.11G wireless mini card

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    Exclamation dell 1395 802.11G wireless mini card

    ok, i'm sure there are many posts about this but i have a dell inspiron 1525 with a dell 1395 802.11G wireless mini card. i can't seem to be able to connect to the internet with it.

    is there a simple code i could type into terminal to get it to work?

    if not would buying this < > solve my problem? i have been meaning to buy a new card anyway. < Orinoco Gold 802.11b Wireless PC Card >

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    Wink Re: dell 1395 802.11G wireless mini card

    I am quite new to Linux and Ubuntu and found this problem after upgrading from 7.10 to 8.04. The solution (or workaround) was to install the ndis wrappers and the Windows driver for the card so:

    1. Install the packages ndisgtk,ndiswrapper-common and ndiswrapper-utils from the synaptic package manager.
    2. Download the driver package file from the Intel website - this Ver: for Windows xp/2000.
    3. Unzip the files and install the driver in the front end "Windows Wireless Driver" in the administration menu by selection the correct .inf file for your network card (3945abg).

    Restart ubuntu and the wirelss network light will flash from time to time. Once the network is configured the light stays on. I have had this running for a few days without problems.

    An make sure the switch a the right hand side is pushed forward


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