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Thread: [HARDY] ATI fglrx drivers 'white screen help!

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    [HARDY] ATI fglrx drivers 'white screen help!

    I am getting a problem with ati drivers 8.6 after installation a white screen appears and if i reboot the computer in gnome secure mode no problem.
    I noticed AGP bus setting is on 0x in the ati control panel, and fglrxinfo is stuck on indirect rendering.

    Please help!

    PS: my card ATI 9600 Pro 256 mo and AGP .

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    Re: [HARDY] ATI fglrx drivers 'white screen help!

    1 do this then compiz does not start with ubuntu, and you don't get the whitw screen.

    Stop Compiz-Fusion From Loading Automatically

    This guide will show you how to stop Compiz-Fusion from loading automatically on startup in Hardy Heron and how to setup a shortcut for launching Compiz when you want.

    Step 1: Run gconf-edit
    Start Run Application by pressing Alt+F2

    Screenshot-Run Application

    Enter gconf-editor into the box, hit enter

    Step 2: Set Metacity as your default start up window manager
    Once in gconf-editor navigate to desktop>gnome>applications>window_manager

    Screenshot-Configuration Editor - window_manager

    under current and default replace each instance of:
    /usr/bin/compiz with /usr/bin/metacity
    it should like this when you're done:

    Screenshot-Configuration Editor - window_manager-1

    Step 3: Create a shortcut for starting Compiz-Fusion
    right click the Applications Places System Menu
    select the Edit Menu option

    Screenshot-Main Menu

    pick a location for your shortcut and select New Item box

    Screenshot-Launcher Properties
    Type: Application
    Name: Compiz
    Command: compiz --replace
    COmment compiz window manager

    2 try this:
    dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg is not the same anymore, now you can install your keybord and more with this.
    But your videocard and monitor goes like this,
    start in safe mode,
    choose the last options with the x,
    Here ubuntu will search and identify your monitor and videocard, so you have all your posssible settings.
    Then reboot and install your videcard driver.(i use envy for this).



    hier in kopieren

    blacklist i82875p_edac
    blacklist edac_mc


    Setup Compiz Fusion with open source ati radeon drivers

    Older ATI cards have been blacklisted for Compiz Fusion because of a bug in the driver, but there is an easy workaround for many cards that use the open source ati drivers. Radeon 9500 are the oldest cards to support the restricted "fglrx" drivers, so everything older requires the open source drivers to function properly.

    First edit the launcher for Compiz Fusion:

    gksudo gedit /usr/bin/compiz

    Near the top, add the line


    I added it under VERBOSE="yes"

    You may also need to install the Compiz settings manager program that you can access from System->Preferences->Advanced Desktop Effect Settings | 1-click install or:

    sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

    You can now load Compiz Fusion with

    compiz --replace

    and revert to Metacity (the basic window manager) with

    metacity --replace

    I suggest making launchers in a panel for this.

    Remember that this is a workaround and may not work for everybody. If you have further problems, you should consider running a forum search and then posting on one of the main support forums if you still need help.
    For the record, my card is an ATI Mobility Radeon 9000.


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