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Thread: Check CD for Defects, FAILURE!!

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    Re: Check CD for Defects, FAILURE!!

    Quote Originally Posted by wpshooter View Post
    Yes, might want to try downloading from a different source/server !!!
    I don't think that would do... The iso itself is totally healthy, with matching md5, and the 'incriminated directories' (those that cause the i/o error when on the CD) behave more than correctly, returning the right checksum, allowing copies of themselves etc...

    But when it came to transfer this completely sane package to a CD-R, those folders were tranferred in an (incomplete?) way on the CD.

    With the same hardware, I was able to burn the Debian cdinst (160MB), and get the rest off the internet...

    Maybe Ubuntu's "690" MB is too edgy for 700MB mediums??

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    Smile Re: Check CD for Defects, FAILURE!!

    I tend to downloda my .iso files using Deluge, then afterwards FORE a re-check to make sure the file is 100% before burning it at low-speed in Brasero...

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