hi, i downloaded the ubuntu 8.04 DVD and burnt it on a BENQ DVD and when i checked it for defects it kept giving me different errors some were input/output error, and some related to logical.... couldn't read it because it went fast

i couldn't also wait till the check ends because it was checking every single file and giving error with every single file

i burnt it using a SONY DVD device at 4x speed and it was the only working program, so everything should be okay

i tried the cd check on 3 computers"2 laptops+1 PC(using the SONY DVD Device)",,all gave those errors..

so now what should i do??
also, how can i check for the md5 check sum or whatever it is called??
what program is the best??also, please provide steps , and is it normal that such programs go NOT RESPONDING while checking and take long time??"may be because it is a DVD"

and what should i check, the iso??the burnt cd??or what!!!

one last thing, i had Ubuntu CD burnt and gave errors too!!HINT::burnt using another device

mmmmm, dont think i have more questions!!

oh, ofcourse am talking about Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 in both the DVD&CD

so, Thanks in advance

Mahmoud Tantawy