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    Until recently I had a Madrake Linux system with a RAID-1 array to keep my files save, which was comprised of 2x 250 gb hard disks. That system had a 3rd non-raid hard disk which kept the root file system.

    The root hard disk failed, so now I want to install ubuntu on another root hard disk which I have done successfully.

    I have yet to successfully mount my raid array on ubuntu and I wonder if someone can tell me where I went wrong:

    I did this:
    mdadm --examine --brief --scan --config=partitions

    and it confirmed that my raid disks existed and gave information consistent with my expectations.

    Next I did this:
    mdadm -Ac partitions -m 0 /dev/md0

    and it created /dev/md0

    Next I did this:
    mount -t ext3 -r /dev/md0 /mnt/disk

    and it tells me the superblock is bad, etc and that it cannot mount the filesystem.

    I tried this individually on both of the two disks in my raid array (either of which should contain a copy of the filesystem), and found the same result with both.

    I feel fairly confident that the filesystem on the raid drive is intact, as I tested this while the root hard drive was in its death throes.

    Does anyone know where I went wrong or what the problem might be?


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    Re: Raid

    boot into a knoppix liveCD/DVD
    and fsck the Raid1 disks individually

    then try mounting the raid1s under ubuntu


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    Re: Raid

    knoppix automatically mounted the drive.

    I'm not sure why ubuntu didn't, and wouldn't no matter how I asked.


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