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Thread: Mp3 and Flash problem

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    Mp3 and Flash problem


    I seem to be having a strange problem with audio playback. I'm running 8.04 and it has been fully patched. When i start up my machine and play a flash video the audio works fine. When i try to play an audio file after that the file will not play in either totem or rhythmbox.

    When i do the opposite first, play audio with rhythmbox or totem, i cannot get audio from any flash videos.

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    Re: Mp3 and Flash problem

    This is a problem related to pulseaudio. It blocks the second access request to your sound card. You should be able to fix this by doing part A of the following guide: It is up to you if you do the rest, but they shouldn't be required to fix the problem.

    To be sure that it is the specific problem, I recommend you do something else first. Run the following commands simultaneously, each command in a separate terminal:
    gst-launch-0.10 audiotestsrc ! pulsesink
    gst-launch-0.10 audiotestsrc ! alsasink
    If you only get sound from one of them, you have the problem, which you can fix by following the earlier mentioned guide.
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    Re: Mp3 and Flash problem

    Thanks! That worked. I had to do parts A and B to get the flash audio working.

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