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Thread: Dapper to Hardy install - config file assistance?

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    Dapper to Hardy install - config file assistance?

    Looking for some guidance, I guess. No real problems yet but I don't know where to look to resolve certain problems.

    I ran Dapper (Kubuntu) for years and was happy.

    I decided it was time to upgrade/update to Hardy. Having lurked and read the forums for years, I'd already put my /home on a separate partition.

    Using a Shipit Kubuntu disk, I attempted three times to install Hardy. I was careful NOT to format my /home partition. Each installation failed. Finally, I decided to do a full install on my root partition and it installed flawlessly.

    I then "moved" the /home to the /new-home (see my signature for moving the /home partition - thanks to aysiu!).

    I knew I was going to have problems with a few of my config files. I also knew I was going to have some problems until I installed new programs to replace the old programs - for example, Firefox.

    Generally, the /new-home worked well and I have all my personal data. But I've hit a wall with the little "tweaks" I've been making. I'm certain it's probably a config file or two I need to change -- or, possibly, permissions somewhere but everything else seems to work Ok.

    Several examples:

    1 - I dual boot (daughter won't give up XP). Therefore, at least every other day, I have to boot into Kubuntu. KDM is installed. And try as I might, I can NOT get MY login screen to appear. The default login screen appears against a black background. If I log off and change users, it's there -- but not when I first boot into Kubuntu. Is there I config file I missed?

    2 - My Start and Ending sound files. WAV and OGG files appear to work fine but not my MP3 files. I've installed MP3 support (clicked "YES" when it asked - later installed W32CODECs - loaded Restricted, etc). Amarok and other multimedia programs play MP3s ok -- it's just the start up and ending sounds I don't hear. I'm thinking it's a config file somewhere I'm not changing?

    3 - Numlock. What's up with that? I set the default to always have it on -- and it isn't. I set the default to "keep it the same" -- and it doesn't. I figure there's a config file somewhere I'm not changing?

    4 - The password mask EVERYWHERE? Huge balls. Doesn't matter if I choose "star for every letter" in the settings, I still get the huge balls. Ugly. Although I could, I'll let other people make witty comments on that -- but did I miss a config file?

    5 - Video playback. DVDs seem to play pretty well but when I playback mpeg, mpg, flv files, they look horrible. "Smeared" is about the best way to describe it. I've not seen anything about this elsewhere but it worked great in Dapper. Config file I didn't change?

    6 - I notice I still get a "glitch" in the kicker panel. I used to have my clock set for "fuzzy time" but because it changes length in the panel, I ended up with a "hole" somewhere near the middle of the panel. Again, ugly. This may be a known glitch but I didn't find a solution. One posting I read said it was a KDE glitch.

    Sorry for the lengthy post. As you can see, I don't have any earth-shattering things - just annoyances.

    Anyone else have these?

    Thanks for reading and thanks in advance...

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    Re: Dapper to Hardy install - config file assistance?

    Bump (to catch the "day" crowd)...


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