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Thread: Graphics blinking on screensavers

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    Graphics blinking on screensavers

    Hi, i've installed Ubuntu 8.04 on my Compaq V5000 series laptop. When i did i noticed that when the screensaver comes on (no matter which one it is) it isn't smooth and seems to blink. It hasn't been to much of a problem until i installed Google Earth. When i try to run it the graphics blink so bad that the program is barely useable. I was thinking it may have somehting to do with my graphics card. Any ideas?

    Graphics card: ATI Radeon Xpress 200m series Video Driver.

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    Re: Graphics blinking on screensavers

    Did you try any of the suggestions at the top of this forum concerning ATI drivers?

    Anyway, a quick fix is to turn off the desktop visual effects. You can do this by right clicking on the desktop and choosing visual effects and none.


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