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Thread: VB162:UB804host+WXPguest - printer sharing question

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    WXP host + UB804 guest w/ VB162 - printer sharing question



    VirtualBox (VB) 1.6.2
    Windows XP SP3 Home (WXP) = host
    Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop (UBD) = guest (guest additions installed and working)
    HP LaserJet 1022 USB printer (HPLJ)

    The VB manual mentions "VB can allow virtual machines to access the USB devices on your host directly. To achieve this, VB presents to the guest operating system a virtual USB controller. As soon as the guest system starts using a USB device, it will appear as unavailable on the host."

    What's the alternative to have the HPLJ shared and working on *both*, WXP and UBD, simultaneously ?

    Thanks on beforehand and best regards,

    P.S. Sorry, wrong title, must be WXP host + UB804 guesthost+WXPguest - printer sharing question
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