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Thread: Macbook air and WEP crack

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    Macbook air and WEP crack

    Firstly. I only want to check the security of MY OWN WiFi network.

    I own a macbook air. Kismac doesn't work with the macbook air chipset.

    I bought an Alfa usb WiFi dongle. Mac doesn't support it.

    I was thinking aircrack under windows (not so good)

    Or aircrack under ubuntu.

    Any ideas would be most welcome.

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    Re: Macbook air and WEP crack

    Aircrack is on of the bests wireless cracking programs. It's very easy (and fast) to crack a wep wireless network especially if there is traffic on it. You can install aircrack using the command: "sudo apt-get install aircrack-ng". You can find instructions in these pages: (the simple one)
    Remember: if you want to have a secure wireless network use WPA2.

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    Re: Macbook air and WEP crack

    Moved to Networking & Wireless, you may get more input there.
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    Re: Macbook air and WEP crack

    Try the Backtrack live cd from, it has all these utils and lots more and you wont need to do anything to your existing setup.

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