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Thread: HOWTO: Update from behind a proxy server

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    Re: HOWTO: Update from behind a proxy server

    I have exactly the same issue as Captain-Morgans.

    I have set up the Proxy Manager correctly as is evidenced by Firefox working correctly, although I did have to confirm the user name and password on four occasions as the proxy server checked and rechecked the first time I used Firefox.

    It seems that there is a fifth user name and password check for downloads and updates.

    Does anyone know how to either reset this or dive in and set it up from the inside, please?

    Newbie tutorial with idiot proof instructions gratefully received.

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    Re: HOWTO: Update from behind a proxy server

    I have had the exact same problem as what has been described here, i.e.

    • I'm using KUbuntu 9.10
    • System is behind a organisation-wirde proxy server
    • Could connect to the internet with my proxy settings using Konquerer
    • But could not connect from KPackageKit or apt

    After spending two days on this, here is what finally worked for me:

    • Set http_proxy, ftp_proxy and https_proxy variables in bash.bashrc
    • Set proxy settings in /etc/apt/apt.conf
    • Set proxy settings in Network Connections -> Proxy in System Settings

    In all cases, I had to set it to:


    I do not like the setting of the password in a clear text file at all, but this was the only way I could get it to work.

    After logging out and then logging back in, this worked for me. I do not claim any deeper knowledge of the subject or that this will work for others as well. Just thought I post this here in case it is of use to anyone else.

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    Re: HOWTO: Update from behind a proxy server

    So can you give me an example of your apt.conf? and .bashrc?

    I only have some example apt.conf (/usr/share/doc/apt/examples/apt.conf)
    that I'm trying to see if I can add my proxy info to, but not sure of the format. No examples in this file.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Smile Re: HOWTO: Update from behind a proxy server

    I have same proble and here is my solution:

    1. edit /etc/bash.bashrc add to the end of file :

    export http_proxy=
    export ftp_proxy=
    - OR proxy no username and password case - :
    export http_proxy=
    export ftp_proxy=

    2. edit, or create new file /etc/apt/apt.conf :

    APT::Authentication::TrustCDROM "true";
    Acquire::httproxy ""

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    Re: HOWTO: Update from behind a proxy server

    Ok I want to wrap it up and confirm ZeroZone to save people's time. The only thing I need to set is appending the following to /etc/bash.bashrc:

    export http_proxy=
    export ftp_proxy=

    I don't even have to do anything to apt.conf. I only install packages from command line in stead of Synaptic. So if you need Synaptic, you might have to touch apt.conf.

    TIP: make sure your new /etc/bash.bashrc takes effect by logging out and then back in as root. You can double check by the command "set | grep proxy". Cheers.

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    Re: HOWTO: Update from behind a proxy server

    I've found this nice piece of script that might be of use on

    need to add the code to your /etc/bash.bashrc file
    function proxy(){
    echo -n “username:”
    read -e username
    echo -n “password:”
    read -es password
    export http_proxy=”http://$username:$password@proxyserver:8080/”
    export ftp_proxy=”http://$username:$password@proxyserver:8080/”
    echo -e “\nProxy environment variable set.”
    You need to logout and in again. After which by typing "proxy" at the command prompt you will be asked for your username and password that will occupy the two environment variables http_proxy and ftp_proxy.

    (1) you don't have to keep your password in a liable text file
    (2) user information will be forgotten once your session is closed
    (3) might be helpful with usernames and passwords that contain wildcard characters.
    (4) password won't be echoed to the display console
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    Re: HOWTO: Update from behind a proxy server

    Easy way for beginners

    (all you have to do is set the Proxy in Synaptic Package Manager

    From the top left Ubuntu menu

    System>Administration>Synaptic Package Manager

    Once in go for the top menu again

    Settings>Preferences then the Network tab

    Setting the correct Proxy here will make the ubuntu built in 'Update Manager' work and does not seem to be affected by changing

    System>Preferences>Network Proxy

    Worked on Ubuntu 10.04

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    Re: HOWTO: Update from behind a proxy server

    I've done the above successfully in the past. All of a sudden it appears to have stopped working with Ubuntu 10.10 - same boxes and all that, just not passing authentication details. Errors are 407 Proxy authenticaion required (or something like that)

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    Re: HOWTO: Update from behind a proxy server

    Proxys are a PITA.
    if you do it with apt/apt.conf you could do this:

    No authentication:
    Acquire::http::proxy "http://[proxy](:[port])/";

    with authentication:
    Acquire::http::proxy "http://[user]:[password]@[proxy](:[port])/";

    You can replace http with https and ftp.

    There is also a timeout and retries settings:
    Acquire::http::Retries "10";
    Acquire::http::timeout "10";

    Though if you go this direction, you might also need to do modifications for wget, curl and other parts as well.
    Ping if you'd like to hear more for these.

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    Smile Re: HOWTO: Update from behind a proxy server

    For all those people who have special characters in their username or password and hence can't configure apt, please use the URL-encoding for special characters in your username/password. So, if my username is abc and password is qwe@rty, then add the following lines to /etc/apt/apt.conf:

    Acquire::http: proxy "http://abc:qwe%40rty@proxy: port/";
    Acquire::ftp: proxy "ftp://abc:qwe%40rty@proxy: port/";
    Acquire::https: proxy "https://abc:qwe%40rty@proxy: port/";

    P.S.: No spaces are needed after the colons( : ) in these lines.

    The URL-encoding for characters can be found at

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