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Thread: Belkin F5D7000 (version 20) - Driver needed.

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    Belkin F5D7000 (version 20) - Driver needed.

    I'm trying to get my Belkin F5D7000 wireless G card operating. I followed a couple solutions on here using the ndiswrapper and and few suggested drivers (rtl8185, bcmwl5/bcmwl5a).

    It turns out that for the specific version of the card I have (version 20) it requires a driver, blkwgdv7, that is only available from the installation CD.

    I no longer have the installation CD. Is it possible to get this driver somewhere (or from someone) or is there an alternate driver?

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    Re: Belkin F5D7000 (version 20) - Driver needed.

    Can you get it here? I downloaded version 2xxx. Although the file is an .exe, I did, in a terminal:
    cabextract f5d7000_v2_uk.exe
    The needed .inf and .sys were extracted. You card, by the way, is not a version 2xxx. The file I grabbed is for a Realtek chipset.
    Extracting cabinet: f5d7000_v2_uk.exe
    extracting _SETUP~2.EXE
    extracting Rt2500.sys
    extracting Rt25009x.sys
    extracting setup.exe
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