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Thread: Kiba-Dock Physics Settings

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    Arrow Kiba-Dock Physics Settings

    I was playing with the physics engine in kiba-dock and I screwed up all the settings. I was wondering if someone could post their values for Elasticity, K, Gravity, Friction, and Inertia values. Thanks.

    EDIT: I think I posted this in the wrong sub-forum. Apologies for that.
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    Re: Kiba-Dock Physics Settings

    Hmmm, this is just a thought, but when you install applications such as Kiba they often create a hidden folder in your homedirectory in which they store there settings.

    So if you are in a terminal, go to your home folder (cd ~/) and type ls -A. This will get you a list of all files and folders, including the hidden ones (these start with a .). Look for a folder containing kiba and then do:
    sudo rm -r .foldername

    Normally when you start Kiba now, it will be using its initial install settings.



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