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Thread: KMenu -> Shortcuts question

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    KMenu -> Shortcuts question

    I created an ALT+F shortcut for Firefox-2 this way:
    right click on KMenu -> Menu Editor -> Found Firefox2 in Internet menu -> set Default shortcut key to ALT+F.
    All was nice, but tomorrow I uninstalled firefox-2, and installed firefox-3. After that, when I used ALT+F I got a message that said firefox2.desktop file in /usr/share/applications does not exist. Also, when I tried to use the same shortcut for firefox-3 in the menu, I got a message that I can't because it is already used by something else.
    So the question is, how can I disable the stale shortcut?
    I tried looking in many different places but no luck. This time I just installed firefox-2 again, removed the shortcut, uninstalled it, used it for firefox-3 and worked fine. But, it is not a very elegant solution, and I am sure that such a great environment has some file or sth somewhere, where I could look for it.

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    Re: KMenu -> Shortcuts question

    Ok, I found it. Incase anyone ever need to do that:
    * you need to start KDE Control Center(*)
    * go to Regional & Accessibility -> Input Actions
    * on the right, there is a menu "Menu Editor Entries", and there are all the shortcuts to all apps you have
    I was affraid I had to find some keymap file to do that, but that was much much friendlier

    However, I would like to ask a question. By default, my KMenu didn't have this KDE Control Center anywhere, and it turns out that it has a lot of the same configuration panels as System Settings, but it also has much more - like this one for example, and Security & Privacy -> Crypto panel, which let's you manage your certificates and the certificates you have accepted and so on, and also some SSL / TLS options, like allowing certain algorithms to be used or not. There is also a nice Samba server configuration panel, which I couldn't find in System Settings. Why is that such a nice feature like this Control Centre are not enabled by default? (Of course, I can run kcontrol in the konsole or add an applet to the taskbar, but that's not the same, and if I hadn't found it by accident, I wouldn't know.


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