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Thread: Banshee does not see iPod

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    Banshee does not see iPod

    I downloaded the latest version of Banshee today, but it doesn't give me my iPod. Other programms (gtkpod, amarok) do work with it.

    Output of ipod --list:
    Path Info
       Device Path:      /dev/sdb2
       Mount Point:      /media/IPOD YSH
       Control Path:     /media/IPOD YSH/iPod_Control/
       HAL ID:           /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/volume_uuid_A670_4602
    Device Info
       Model Number:     xA444
       Device Model:     Video (White)
       iPod Generation:  Fifth (5)
       Adv. Capacity:    30 GB
       Is New:           YES
       Writable:         YES
       Serial Number:    9C719BVMV9K
       Firmware Version: (null)
       Manufacturer ID:  9C
       Production Year:  2007
       Production Week:  19
       Production Index: 13792
    Volume Info
       Volume Size:      29907116032
       Volume Used:      25694003200
       Available         4213112832
       UUID:             A670-4602
       Label             IPOD YSH
    User-Provided Info
       Device Name:      (null)
       User Name:        (null)
       Host Name:        (null)
    Supported Artwork Formats
       Cover:            200x200
       Cover:            100x100
       Photo:            50x41
       Photo:            320x240
       Photo:            130x88
       Photo:            640x480

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    Re: Banshee does not see iPod

    i think that you need to download podsleuth.
    WARNING: "sudo rm -rf /" = BAD Read this for more information.
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