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Thread: Connect to a 802.1x protected wired network...

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    Connect to a 802.1x protected wired network...

    So here is my problem: When I do a fresh install of nm-applet, it properly displays the dialog (in the right click) Connect to a 802.1x protected wired network. This, I think, is the exact thing I need to use to connect to my school's internet (which is 802.1x protected), but, unfortunately, when I restart my computer, the dialog no longer appears. I tried re-installing it twice, and the same thing occurred. Strange, of course, but is there any way I can access the Connect to a 802.1x protected wired network, without the dialog showing up? Or any way of always making it show (much more preferable). Thanks!

    The funny thing is is that I reinstalled it while at school (where I am now), and I didn't get the dialog. However, it seems to be keyed to how I install it from Add/Remove Programs, for it offers to open the program for me once it has finished installing. When I installed it this time (indirectly, putting the packages on my external hard drive and uploading to my computer), that dialog didn't show--so I had to restart my computer to for nm-applet to open. It didn't occur to me to open nm-applet from the terminal at that time...*sighs*

    I'll try reinstalling again, and this time opening nm-applet from the terminal, and see how that goes. I figure that if I'm able to configure my college's internet at least once, and it's saved into the keyring (is that the correct term?), then I'll have automatic access even if the Connect to 802.1x protected... doesn't show hope.

    Again, I'd appreciate the help! I've put several hours into trying to figure this out
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