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Thread: Greenish hue with hdmi connection

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    I connected my laptop with my hdtv (using an hdmi cable) and the picture has a greenish tint to it. I tried changing the resolution in xorg.conf to no avail. I have an hpdv9000 series with hdmi output and nvidia geforce go7600 graphics card (with the restricted driver) and a vizio tv. the resolution and all is great, its just the color that's the problem..

    I'd appreciate any help

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    Re: Greenish hue with hdmi connection

    I do not think resolution would be the problem here. It sounds as if something is outputting the wrong balance of color.

    Run to where you can change the resolution, and see if there is a color tuner anywhere. On the media boxes I have used, the colors are split into Red, Green, and Blue. Play with them to get rid of the green hue.
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