I have Ubuntu 8,04 installed inside Win XP . It was working well. I was switching between the two systems by restart & selecting on booting either of them.

Just now, when I attempted to boot Ubuntu, ( My choices are 1. WinXP Pro, 2. Ubuntu ) the booting page reverts back to choices instead of booting Ubuntu. This is repeated. It seems I have set in Ubuntu bootloader to load XP 1st.
I am now stuck at Win XP, not being able to access Ubuntu. Your help has to be in Win XP or Bios terms - not Linux terms as I cant use them as of now

I activated Boot loader as per a How to site.
It got in System-Admin- boot loader
When I clicked on it, it showed sequence - for Ubuntu as
Windows XP Pro
I rearranged the sequence, thinking I will get into XP by default & Ubuntu by choice ( being a newbie & having Ubuntu 'within Windows XP')
When I restart my laptop I get the boot option
XP Pro
When I click on Ubuntu to choose it, the menu reappears instead of Ubuntu loading.
Apparently the Boot loader in Ubuntu is for Ubuntu & not for XP.
I cant get in to Ubuntu to correct it as I am STUCK in XP
Do I have to Uninstall Ubuntu & Reinstall it - I would hate to do it
Is there a way I can fiddle with boot.ini or BIOS or commandline booting in XP to recover Ubuntu
Waiting eagerly for help. Would be grateful for early, if not Immediate advice