I posted in the above topic, but not sure if anyone still watching it, so I hope I'm not treading on any toes by starting a new topic. I'm not sure if I got it right or stuffed it up. I opened a terminal window and typed in 'sudo apt-get update' first, then "apt-get install firefox-3.0' thinking it would automatically install the latest version. When clicking on the icon in the panel and checking the version, I saw that it was still A notification window popped up and said that in order to start FF# I had to close all instances of FF, which I did. The only instance of FF running was the one I had just "restarted. Restarted and hey presto.... still version Uninstalled it via add/remove. Ran the process again through the terminal window. Went to Applications-->Internet--> and suddenly saw I had a "browser that I'd never installed before, clicked on it and there it was, Gran Paradiso, or at least so I thought. Turns out I've somehow managed to install FF v3a8..... is that right? I've gone to the FF site and d/l and extracted to my desktop the latest version available there and if I don't have the latest version would appreciate help/pointers in how to install from a tar.bz2 extracted to desktop. I'm going to be carrying on trying to work it out myself in the meantime, but any help would be greatly appreciated.