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Thread: Java and Flash on G4?

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    Java and Flash on G4?

    I can't find a way to install java and flash plugin for ubuntu 7.10. I've heard of something called iced tea but I haven't found it in the repositories. Somebody help.
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    Re: Java and Flash on G4?

    Macromedia releases binaries for linux x86, windows, and mac, but so far not for linux powerpc.
    The only ways is to either use gnash (which doesn't have all the features and doesn't work as well as the macromedia one), or either to emulate an x86 processor, which is if I guess, extremely slow especially if you think about videos.
    Gnash can work very fine for standard flash, but for video support etc, it is not as adapted.
    Sometime I really wish there is a alternative to te macromedia format, or either if websites could propose h264 video with the vlc firefox plugin, it would be so much better...
    /me curses powerpc and macromedia

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    Re: Java and Flash on G4?

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