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Thread: Please *READ THIS* before posting (We mean it)

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    Please *READ THIS* before posting (We mean it)

    Welcome to the Programming Talk! To make things easier for you (and everyone else) here are some useful links.

    If you make a thread on something that is answered by this, it will likely be closed. If you need more information not found here, then make a thread on it.

    Learning to Program: How to learn to program, where to start and other useful links.Shortcuts:

    Programming Talk FAQ's: Questions often asked in this forum and about this forum. How to post code and ask questions. Shortcuts:

    Programming Tools and References: IDEs and editors to use. How to use Java, scripting languages, C or C++, C# on Linux. Web development on Ubuntu and Linux in general. Shortcuts:

    If you see the term "Blub" and don't know what it means, read this post (and its links): It's not wrong not knowing, but it's wrong not wanting to know

    Comment on this and the other stickies at: Feedback on the sticky
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