I like gOS Space but I'd like to make an XFCE version using Remastersys. My goal is to make an ISO small enough to fit on a 700 MB CD.

I've went ahead and deleted some applications for space considerations and installed everything that I want to be on the ISO. I have replaced Nautilus with Thunar, gnome-terminal with xfce4-terminal, OpenOffice.org with Abiword and Gnumeric, and of course GNOME with XFCE 4. I've also installed Emerald to act as the window decorator.

In a nutshell, I want the following to be default for each user created:

1. XFCE panel on top with the main menu (with menu button /usr/share/icons/gOS_Icons/scalable/apps/gOS_universe.png and the word Menu beside the button, the Places panel app with the word Places on there, Trash applet, Show Desktop applet, Task List applet, Weather applet, Volume Control applet, and Time/Date applet. Fixed position, top left, full length, and size of 26 pixels.

2. Default wallpaper /usr/share/backgrounds/gos-rocket-final.png

3. Default User Interface theme as gOS_GTK

4. Default icon theme as gOS_Icons

4. Compiz Fusion at startup (compiz --replace) with Emerald, and the following Emerald theme as the default Emerald theme: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/sh...?content=77593

If possible, I want to use Remastersys (remastersys dist) to build the ISO since I've had very good results using remastersys dist to make gOS Ultimate E and Xubuntu Xtreme.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.