I'm trying to set up cvEyeTracker (http://thirtysixthspan.com/openEyes/software.html) on the new Hardy edition of Ubuntu and I'm running into some trouble (I am new to compiling source in Linux)

cvEyeTracker calls for

I believe I've installed librawl correctly, but everything else seems to be giving me problems at one step or another. My technique is to use ubuntu's file extractor to put the source for each into its own folder and then cd to that folder, use "./configure" or "configure" (if it will let me, sometimes this does nothing) and then "make" followed by "make install". This worked for librawl but the others run into errors during make. I believe it's caused by my not adjusting the makefiles properly to account for my directories but I am in the dark about how to to do this correctly.

Could anyone here shine some light on this problem or perhaps give me a couple steps to go through to get cvEyeTracker on its feet? I'm very much enjoying the terminal but I wish I were a little more experienced.

thanks very much,