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Thread: Resume from standby failure

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    Resume from standby failure

    I have recently installed Hardy and have been scouring the forums (without success) in an attempt to resolve one of my two remaining problems.
    After the initial installation, both standby and hibernate worked perfectly. However, after applying all of the recommended updates (offered by the update manager) for my PC, resuming from standby and hibernate no longer works. The PC seems to go into standby OK, however when resuming I see an error message similar to the one below (this message may not be complete as I cannot pause the screen to completely copy it down)

    Revalidation Failed (errorno=2)

    The screen then goes blank and the PC will not boot unless I Power it off and on again (where it boots normally).
    My PC is a HP D530 Workstation with 1.5 GB RAM and a NVIDIA FX5200 Graphics Card (drivers installed OK and running enhanced graphics, etc).

    I have noticed that plenty of people are experiencing standby / hibernate issues with Ubuntu and lots of fixes have been suggested. However, none of them seem to work for me.

    If anybody has any suggestions I would be grateful

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Re: Resume from standby failure

    Me too !!!

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    Re: Resume from standby failure

    Anybody else with this problem? Any suggestions on how to fix it? Sounds like one of the updates has broken this - anyone have any ideas on which one?


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