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Thread: Apache2, vsftpd + user permissions

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    Question Apache2, vsftpd + user permissions

    Hi folks

    I have an interesting problem that I haven't been able to fix (being a relative Linux n00b with a working server install for 4 months now).

    So setting the scene:

    Ubuntu Gutsy Server
    Apache2 running as www-data
    vsftpd running as vsftpd which is a no-priv user
    Some regular system users with FTP login capability

    Websites (vhosts) in


    /var/www owned by root:root

    /var/www/ owned by user1:www-data with permissions of 750
    /var/www/ owned by user1:www-data with permissions of 770

    So, the explanation:
    I have set the ownership to the ftpuser:www-data so that apache can read/write to those web files, this seemed to be the only way I could get it to work.

    I have set the permissions on the folders to full access for the user, and read/execute for the group. Again, this seemed to be the only way I could get apache to work.

    An issue I have encountered is that new files created by uploading them via FTP have a default ownership of the FTP user, i.e. user:user - this means that because the group ownership isn't user:www-data apache can't access the files to serve them.

    So the question: is this a suitable set of ownership and permissions on the website folders? Obviously the problem I am encountering is allowing apache access to the files/folders, while still allowing the ftp users to access those same files/folders to upload/alter/delete etc.

    I read somewhere that umask would be my solution, i.e. setting the default cascading ownership/permissions on the folders, but haven't a clue where to start with it.

    Any help/hints appreciated (and well done if u read this far!)

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    Re: Apache2, vsftpd + user permissions

    *bump* anyone?

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