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Thread: winpe + kde = possible, and free?

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    winpe + kde = possible, and free?

    hey kids

    i've been considering a reinstall, which would mean me reputting windows onto my computer for the 5% of things that i need it for. and then i got to thinking..

    this winpe (the windows that is free).. is it possible to put kde on it? give it the same look windows usually has, give it the apps and functionality of the free world.. and create the mutant-hybrid god-child of both?

    i'm not techie enough to REALLY work it out, but i can't see any immediate reasons why it couldn't be real. (bart pe-- doesn't do it for me.)

    install winpe
    install kde

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    Re: winpe + kde = possible, and free?

    That is SO going on a virtual machine... thanks!

    KDE 4 should work, but the Windows version is even more beta than the Linux version (I think).


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