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Thread: Bug or User Issue

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    Bug or User Issue

    I downloaded and installed my first vintage Ubuntu 8.04 with several issues resulting from my machines limited memory. Finally installed the alternative download Ubuntu over weekend.

    It dual boots with W2K on a Linksys WRT54G wired port. I have W2K print sharing and internet access. My WRT54G provide DHCP to W2K, according to the routers network table.

    I have tried various Ubuntu configuration in netmanager of DHCP and static IP addresses.

    I've used my routers ip for "nameserver" as well as the ISPs.

    ifconfig shows tx and rtx traffic with no drops.

    ping cannot reach a network.

    After setting ip addresses in network nothing shows when I return to the input screen again.

    How do I copy terminal cmd responses and put them into this forum when my forum access is on this Vista machine?

    Is there a networking bug in 8.04 or am I not configuring the right Ubuntu host, do I need to use an IP beyound the range of the DHCP range.

    Pardon my license with Ubuntu applet names but my experience is totally DOS and Windows.

    Can someone please point me to an easily installed patch or programing command lines.

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    Re: Bug or User Issue

    Now have a new issue. Thought a clean Ubuntu install might get me to a better starting point by automatically configuring the network.

    Ubuntu couldn't and I now seem to have a triple boot pc.

    How do I rid myself of a another Ubuntu partition and install?


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