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Thread: Network manager breaking my settings

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    Network manager breaking my settings


    I have a laptop (Dell latitude D620) running Ubuntu 8.04 (Gnome) with all the latest and greatest updates, but the network manager is being a bit mischievous. It keeps changing my settings, and not in a good way!

    At work I have a static IP wired connection which needs a gateway and DNS servers, etc. I also have a wireless card which I use with DHCP both at work, and also when I bring the laptop home. When everything is configured properly, everything works just fine.


    If I bring the laptop home and switch on the wireless, my DNS server is automatically set to, which is correct for my router. But this removes my static DNS servers required for my wired connection, and when I bring my laptop back to work, I no longer can connect and have to reset the DNS manually.

    Then it seems like every time I change something in the network manager (like re-adding the DNS servers), it tries to 'fix' my hostname/domain/aliases. My hostname is nlinfit and domain is, so I believe my /etc/hosts should read something like: localhost nlinfit

    If I don't have at least one alias as 'nlinfit' and one as '' then Gnome gets slow and things like 'sudo' seem to hang. But after I mess around in the network manager, it replaces every single 'nlinfit' alias with '' and I'm stuck with a broken computer again, until I manually edit /etc/hosts.

    Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Re: Network manager breaking my settings

    to permanently set DNS servers .. opendns servers used in this example!!

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