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Thread: [SOLVED] wait - do I have firefox 3 or not?

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    [SOLVED] wait - do I have firefox 3 or not?

    I've installed updates and it looks like I have firefox 3 - but it is a release candidate right? This can't be the finished product as it isn't released yet.

    I only ask because the "about firefox" option under help shows no indication.
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    Re: wait - do I have firefox 3 or not?

    Yes, you have the Release candidate version, I'm not sure why but the firefox team did not mention in the about firefox window. The actual release is on 17th June.
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    Re: wait - do I have firefox 3 or not?

    Release candidates are just that... release candidates. If nothing is wrong with them then they are made the release. This is why there is no text telling you it is a release candidate in the actual program, because it would need to be removed for a real candidate for release.

    You can still see the version with
    apt-cache policy firefox
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