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Thread: how to configure USB wireless modem???

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    how to configure USB wireless modem???

    Hi guys. i am planning to install Ubundu 8.04 which i got from a friend. He said all the necessary drivers will be automatically downloaded from the net when i install the OS. butthe main problem i am facing is with my internet connection. i am using a wireless net connection that has a USB modem made by ZTE. For windows there is a cd which i should install. after which i will get a small software interface which has a connect button, pressing that will show that net is connected. then i can use IE or firefox for surfing. but what should i do to get the connection in Ubundu?

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    Re: how to configure USB wireless modem???

    Searching the internet reveals that people have been successful using at least some of the ZTE products with linux, here is an example right on ubuntu forums:
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