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Thread: Log-In Hangs

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    Log-In Hangs

    Have just installed current Ubuntu desktop version [8.04]. Only OS running on my PC is Ubuntu.
    Install went perfectly as did update download and install.
    However after login and password accepted OK, screen flickers a few times then hangs with blank screen.
    If however I 'interrupt' login process with Esc, then choose option 1 [which I guess is the default login anyway], Ubuntu then logs me in OK.
    Not a big deal as I can 'interrupt' the process each time I log in but is there a quick fix that anybody knows ?
    As I am a newbie to Ubuntu any advice would be best in single syllables !!

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    Re: Log-In Hangs

    All now fixed.
    Edited Boot Loader to change delay time before default loaded from 3 secs to 10 secs.
    No problems now.
    I assume 3 secs was just too quick !


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