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Thread: Editing a shared file = Changes file owner to "nobody"???

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    Editing a shared file = Changes file owner to "nobody"???

    Why does editing a shared file change the owner to "nobody"?


    1. I created html files on my web server (desktop).
    2. Rather than spend all my time confined to the desktop, I opted to share the necessary files/folders so that I can work from the laptop throughout the house.
    3. After editing each file from the shared www folder, the files & folders appear with locks (looking at them from the desktop). The owner says "nobody."

    Now, I can ONLY edit those locked files from the laptop. I know that I can change the owner with the chown command, but I'd have to do it after every edit (which can be several times a day).

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    Re: Editing a shared file = Changes file owner to "nobody"???

    please post your smb.conf. I have the suspection that you either used the guest account and a public share, or you used a force user.
    Either way, this should be easy.

    hope we can figure it out
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