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Thread: compiz performance, am I the victim of a placebo?

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    compiz performance, am I the victim of a placebo?

    So, for over week i had the "Expo" and "desktop wall" compiz plugins enabled, I began using compiz after I noticed compositing metacity was so glitchy that it felt less responsive than compiz. But I was always annoyed by the fact there is no way to have simple, animation-less desktop switching.

    So, after some research, I found and installed this:

    I disabled expo and desktop wall, So, the question is: for some reason the system feels much more responsive and can use Wine games again? How come? As a matter of fact, compiz feels so responsive that could beat metacity. I don't get it, how could desktop wall and expo use cause a performance drop even when you are not using the expo mode or switching workspaces? I can't really explain it.Can someone else confirm or debunk this?

    What I really can confirm is that this instant switcher plugin makes desktop switching faster than when metacity is around. It's crazy...
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