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Thread: ks sniffer, firestarter, and attacks

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    Thumbs up ks sniffer, firestarter, and attacks

    I've seen attacts show up on my fire starter. Ks sniffer has the option to 'poison' and ip address(offending ones I think)

    What does that mean? Is it something that permanently blocks them or automatically turns them in to their internet provider or something?

    I'm not asking for anything unethical.

    Granted, I've no hacking skills, but would like some white hat advice and what programs would do me good.

    Also, my friend is an older not so computer savy person who has privileged me to use his wifi and his password. I was wondering how to access his router(I have his pw) to change some settings and reset his router when he's now available to do so manually(it cuts out and at times I cannot even connect. I would also like to protect his network. He runs windows and has a belkin router(it's cheap and it sucks, I know). He will be gone for 6 weeks which means I have to keep the internet running from my own devices in case it cuts out.
    Thanks ahead of time for the advice.
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