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Thread: Need Help Installing rTorrent on a Dedicated Server

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    Need Help Installing rTorrent on a Dedicated Server

    Hello eveyone,

    I need some help with a seedbox.

    I am thinking about setting up an account with OVH and purchasing this dedicated server.

    I don't want to pay an extra £30 (about $58.40) per month for Windows.

    I have a choice of these Linux distrobutions for my operating system.

    Ubuntu Desktop
    Ubuntu Server
    Open Suse
    Linux Plesk 8.0
    Fedora Core
    Extranet Group Work
    Release 2
    Release 1
    Easy Streaming

    Which operating system should I chose to install rTorrent? Also, how would I go about installing rTorrent and remotely controlling it from a Windows box? Thanks.

    Many thanks.

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    Re: Need Help Installing rTorrent on a Dedicated Server

    Since its for a server I would either pick Debian or Centos (which is a rebuild of RHEL). But that's my opinion of course.

    As for running and managing rtorrent remotely. I'd do it over ssh and screen.

    You install and setup openssh on the server, and install Putty on the windows machine to connect to it. Then install and run screen on the server and run rtorrent within the screen session.
    That way, you can always connect to the server via Putty (and ssh) and re-attach the screen session to get back to rtorrent.


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