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Thread: Vaio Laptop - Kernel Panic & No WiFi

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    [SOLVED] Vaio Laptop - Kernel Panic & No WiFi

    Hello, Ubuntu forums.

    After many attempts to burn an iso to CD for installation purposes [for some reason I could do it once but never again ><] I ordered a CD to be shipped.

    Well, it came today! Unfortunately, I didn't realize that the old computer it was intended for had exactly 12 mb less ram then required...who ever heard of 244 mb ram?
    I figured I'd try this nifty "Install Within Windows Like An Application" feature that comes with Hardy Heron [ubuntu 8.04 LTS, Desktop Edition 64-bit].

    The problem is, when I try booting Ubuntu, there are plenty of lines and lines of white command code that I don't understand until it stops with something along the lines of

    "Kernel Panic! Not aligned: Aiee, _____________________" ...unfortunately that's where my mind draws a blank, but it was something to do with an interruption? And it stopped there.
    Anyway, I put the CD back in and went to see if it would work Live, which it does, everything is gorgeous except for the WiFi [which seems to be a common problem].

    I have a Sony Vaio VGN - FE890, all standard, no mods or any sort of tinkering.
    I realize that perhaps this problem is not fixable in the live version, but I'd like to know if there was a fix because right now I think I'd like to partition my HD [40 gigs to Windows, the other 102 to Ubuntu], and I don't really want to do it before I'm positive the problem can be resolved.

    Sorry for the tl;dr, and thanks so much for any responses!!
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    Re: Vaio: No Wireless with Ubuntu Live

    the only thing i can suggest is you download/burn the dvd version, which should include the hardware drivers for your wireless i would think?

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    Re: Vaio: No Wireless with Ubuntu Live

    Would that have anything that the CD they sent doesn't though?

    Or, well.
    If it did include the drivers, do they need to be installed? Perhaps that's why it's not working in the Live version? there any way to tell?

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    Arrow [SOLVED] Kernel panic? [Help quickly, please!]

    Nevermind, this problem is fixed. Thank you anyway, though~!

    I just tried installing Hardy Heron to my laptop [Sony Vaio VGN-FE890, no mods, bit more than 1 year old]. The Live CD worked fantastically except for the wireless, but that was to be fixed.

    The installation was successful, but when it rebooted, all kinds of lines of code [perhaps?] were coming up, white text on a black screen, until finally it stopped [until I manually shut my laptop off] and read:

    Kernel panic - no syncing: Aiee, killing _______ handler!

    [I'm so sorry, by the time I got here I forgot the word between "killing" and "handler," but the rest of it is verbatim]

    The only way I can use it is to insert the Live CD, run with it, and use wired internet [borrowed from my dad's computer, I have no option to have permanently wired internet].

    What do I need to do to fix this?
    I need help as soon as possible, thank you so much.
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