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Thread: Lost internet connection on Vista

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    Lost internet connection on Vista

    I have Vista and ubuntu installed on separate partions.
    After expanding the partitions for ubuntu I had to repair Vista and found that Vista will not connect to the internet while the internet connection works perfectly on Ubuntu.
    We have tried turning the modem on/off

    We then tried turning the modem off/on and restarted the pc

    We proceeded to look at Windows Vista Taskmanager in an attempt to find any processes that had been turned off; we only have hunches as to what may be the problems and are wondering if the internet connection would not work due to these processes being turned off:
    -Windows Connect Now - Config Registar
    -Net. TCP Port Sharing Service

    Can anyone help us?
    Thanks simon

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    Re: Lost internet connection on Vista

    please disregard this message. it appears the modem just needed a longer rest


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