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Thread: How stable is Hardy?

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    How stable is Hardy?

    I have been running into problems trying to do... well everything, Except basic functions such as web browsing which is great in FF3. I was wondering should I try a more stable version of Ubuntu, maybe an earlier release? And if so where can I get I get it?

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    Re: How stable is Hardy?

    What are your problems?
    You can get earlier versions of ubuntu from most of the mirrors here
    If all else fails, then i would reccomend another linux distro. Go to Distrowatch for general info.

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    Re: How stable is Hardy?

    Is that a question? Or... are you asking for help?

    If it's a question: Hardy is very stable, but there have been problems in isolated cases.
    If you're asking for help, please consider making the thread title more relevant.
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    Re: How stable is Hardy?

    I find Hardy more stable than previous releases. I have only had one major problem that turned out to be an easy fix and that was with setting up my video driver (nvidia).
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    Re: How stable is Hardy?

    Hardy has been very stable, ever since the release of alpha 1.

    Although, if you are conservatively paranoid about package updates breaking your system, only enable the "hardy" and "hardy-security" repos in your sources file.


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    Re: How stable is Hardy?

    Ubuntu hardy was quite unstable for me. Games in fullscreen would crash, the entire thing, and sometimes the sound would stop working, needing a full system restart to gain it back, but when the sound stops working, no other application would open, including the shut-down menu. So I had to force-shut down my laptop in order to restart.

    Kubuntu Hardy, for some undocumentable reason, works fine. I don't know what to say, really. It was just strange.


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