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Thread: Gloobus, a QuickLook for linux

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    Gloobus, a QuickLook for linux

    //============= EDITED 02/02/2010 ==================== //

    Check the webpage:
    and the wiki:

    To install gloobus-preview:
      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gloobus-dev/gloobus-preview
      sudo apt-get install gloobus-preview
      sudo apt-get upgrade
    And then restart nautilus

    To install covergloobus (The music player..)
      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gloobus-dev/covergloobus
      sudo apt-get isntall covergloobus
    To install gloobus-flow (coverflow like nautilus)
      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gloobus-dev/gloobus-flow !!!! NOT AVAILABLE WORKING YET!!!
      sudo apt-get install gloobus-flow
      sudo apt-get upgrade
    And restart nautilus

    //============= EDITED 09/09/2009 ==================== //
    Woww, have you seen the date!!

    Gloobus PPA up and running with the last version and patched nautilus to launch gloobus-preview with just pressing the space key.
    Follow instructions here:

    //============= EDITED 10/05/2009 ==================== //

    Good News!!!
    New version of Gloobus-Preview Available!!!!
    It works for jaunty with no problems! Here you have the URL and the ChangeLog

    About CoverGloobus, I've done some improvements, you can find the new link here to!!

    I hope you like it!!



    ChangeLog Gloobus-Preview 0.03.1
    - iComic (cbz and cbr)
    - iPdf solved som bugs
    - Shadow in the application
    - iMp3 with ogg support
    - iDocument fixed a very annoing warning
    - iFolder

    Installation Instructions Inside the file! (32bits and 64bits versions)

    // ================================================== = //

    Hi everyone,
    I'm developing a free opensource QuickLook for linux in openGL (c++) it is a coverflow for see the in a fast way the files without opening them,

    There are the links for download, screencast and launchpad page:

    External Downloads:


    Now I have it in a very good way but there are a couple of things I would like to do and I don't know how, maybe you can help me.

    First one: How to bind space key in nautlius to launch my own nautilus-script (this will be used for bind space key to preview file)

    Second : How to add a button on the toolbar that lauches my own nautilus-script (this will be used for launch folder coverflow)

    If anyone of you know how to do this It will be one of the remaining points solved!

    Some information about:Now I can preview, any kind of images, any kind of plain text files and pdf. It supports mp3 (album coverts and song preview)
    and I'm working on video files support and plugin architecture.

    I also would like to know your ideas so this way we can make it beat apples one!!!!

    Thank you!
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    Re: Gloobus, a QuickLook for linux

    Thanks for posting about it here. You might want to mention "Cover Flow" in the title.

    It would be good if there was a way to navigate into to a folder shown in cover flow.

    Also it might be better to cache only the first 20 or so images in a folder with many images.

    It doesn't currently work well with PNGs, no problems with jpgs.

    Keep up the good work
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    Re: Gloobus, a QuickLook for linux

    Yes, there are still a lot of things to do...

    Now I'll add coverflow on the title so it will be easy for the people to know what is it about!!

    I've planned to load only 20 images every time, but now I'm developing the plugin architecture to make it more modular and easyest to find the bugs and solve them (like the pngs one, or the blanc shapes), plus this way everyone can develop his onw preview plugin! I'm doing it givint total liberty for the plugins so each one can do whatever they want!!

    I'll post on launchpad and here when the next version is ready!

    Thanks !

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    Re: Gloobus, a QuickLook for linux

    Looks cool


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    Re: Gloobus, a QuickLook for linux

    It looks really nice. Great work so far. I really liked that idea when I first saw it on a mac. Although I would probably mostly use it to play around and not for productivity

    So far I see you have to activate the gloobus mode through rightclicking a file. Are there any plans to include the gloobus mode as part of the nautilus window? So just can just activate or deactive it like the status- or sidebar of nautilus?

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    Re: Gloobus, a QuickLook for linux

    Yes, it's planned to integrate it with nautilus, I'm talking with nautilus developers to see if we can achieve this.

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    Re: Gloobus, a QuickLook for linux

    That looks pretty promising. Good luck with the project and the Nautilus integration.
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    Re: Gloobus, a QuickLook for linux

    Looks very nice!

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    Re: Gloobus, a QuickLook for linux

    Wow, this stuff is great, good job badchoise!
    This really made my day, I can't wait to see it in nautilus!

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    Re: Gloobus, a QuickLook for linux

    Thank you all!
    I'll post here the new releases and the new information about the project!

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