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Thread: [SOLVED] Firefox Browser Won't Install Add-ons after Reinstalling System

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    [SOLVED] Firefox Browser Won't Install Add-ons after Reinstalling System

    I reinstalled 7.10 on my system yesterday and copied my .mozilla files to my home folder (I had 8.04 installed but it ran a bit buggy on my computer). Almost verything works fine in Firefox -- I have all my old bookmarks and everything, but I lost Speed Dial for some reason and it won't install. I get the error message:

    Firefox could not install file because of unexpected installation error. Review the error console for more details. -203

    when I open the error console it reads:

    Install Location has no properties.

    I've tried to install other add-ons and get the same message.

    Does anyone know what is wrong and how I can fix it?


    I just reinstalled 7.10... again! That seems to have done the trick. I must have broken Firefox somehow by bringing the whole Mozilla folder over instead of just the bookmarks folder. That's my best guess, anyway.
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