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Thread: Laptop's battery meter is horribly inaccurate

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    Laptop's battery meter is horribly inaccurate

    Hello everyone,

    So I've been using linux duel boot with XP for a while now. I was running Ubuntu 7.10, but I just upgraded to Hardy Heron. There's been a problem that's been annoying me, and since I'll be posting about another, more serious problem, I figured this was the time to fix it.

    My laptop's battery meter is almost consistently saying it's at 2%. For instance, it's been at 2% for the last 30-40 minutes. It starts at a nice, normal value, but quickly disintegrates into its current state.

    Here's a link to my Power History: Estimated Time History

    I'm still pretty much a newb, and not sure what to do or even to look for. I'm not sure if this can even be fixed in the OS, or if it's just a sign my battery is about to die. Thanks in advance for any help in the right direction.
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    Re: Laptop's battery meter is horribly inaccurate

    Does it do it in XP also?
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    Re: Laptop's battery meter is horribly inaccurate

    Are you referring to the the Power Manager (or similar app) estimate of battery time? These programs often won't give an accurate estimated of battery time will until you let the system run with a fully charged battery, not plugged in to AC adapter, until it has discharged enough to trigger a low battery warning. After the softare gets this data as a baseline, it will give a more or less accurate estimate of percentage discharged, though of course actual time can vary quite a bit depending on what the computer is actually being used for.
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