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Thread: Sound & Audo Hardware Issues - Acer Ferrari 4000

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    Sound & Audo Hardware Issues - Acer Ferrari 4000

    Hello dedicated forum readers!

    I am having problems with the sound on my Acer Ferrari 4000 laptop computer. The problem began after I took apart the computer to clean the (notoriously) dirty internals.

    I believe that I may have disturbed a wire or something when messing around inside my laptop because the sound worked flawlessly previously. To ensure that it is not a software issue I loaded up the PulseAudio Manager and note that the volume meter does in fact show that sound is being directed to the speakers, both right and left respectively.

    I also went step by step to ensure that I have the correct audio drivers installed, using the Comphrensive Sound Audio Solutions Guide.

    I am using Linux Mint - Elyssa and have posted in the LM forums as well. I merely would like the opinion of the forum regarding possible fixes and workarounds (to include PCMCIA and USB audio solutions). Ideally I would love to have the speakers work again but since I created this monster with my incessant tinkering I have no one to blame but myself!

    Thank you in advance for any help that is provided!
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