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Thread: quanta plus help

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    quanta plus help

    hello ubuntu users and various ubuntu friends, i'm having some trouble in quanta plus and i didn't know where else to turn.

    my wife used quanta plus to design my webpage, which renders beautifully in konquerer, but not at all in both firefox and opera. the url is, and you can see that it loads the background colour, but not anything else(if you are using firefox).

    can anyone who knows about these sort of things help me out by having a look at the page source and telling me if there is anything at all that would prevent the page from loading correctly in anything but konqueror? i would be so much obliged.

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    Re: quanta plus help

    You've forgotten the <html></html> and <body></body> tags, for starters...

    Also there is no need for a table (but that may be personal choice, and in any case it's not the issue)
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