I am first of all very glad to be a new user of UBUNTU Hardy Hero 8,04 in Linux X86..Fantastic.
But nothing is so perfect as you can think at first sight.
I NEED HELP from you here:
1. HOW TO install Bluetooth or opend it in my PC?And then HOWTO connect/sync my NOKIA N73?
2.Even how to open IRC between PC and NOKIA N73?
3.How to install NOKIAS PC-SUITE via Nokias ComputerCable C A53?
IN my Nokia is the 3th S60.
But PLEASE ALL U PEOPLE overthere I really need to get your HELP for this?
I have also written a lots of questions on an e-forum for Nokias Receachers about that if they had other programes or need to invent newones for a lots of us Ubuntu-Linux/Nokia people with sutiable solutions for this,everybody dosent have Windows!