ok it has connected b4 but it started going on and off,so i took the wep off thinking that,that was the reason it couldnt get it,it wasnt so i i put the ip in manually and all that it showed was the little icon at the bottom trying to repair it,so i took it off and it said it couldnt obtain it again

if you can help plz do i am using this on a emachines windows xp desktop and once again i have the wpn111 adapter to sum it all up i t is connected but will not get the ip address,and the router is a netgear also that can hold 4 signals,but we are using only 3 (2 laptops and my 360) and also my wpn111 has a 22% signal so plz help i have been trying for about 2 months now to fix it (wasted a ton of points on yahoo answers and a lot of time on netgears phone thing and they didnt help a bit so once again plz help.